April 27, 2018

The Legend: Frankie Valli is coming to the UK!

Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are touring the UK at the end of 2018 and we at the All Seasons will be going along to see the master at work.

He never went away

Some people are saying ‘he is back’ but the truth is he never went away. Sure, the majority of the 71 chart hits of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons  came during the 1960s, but the music didn’t just disappear. He has toured almost continuously since 1962, and his songs have been omnipresent in such movies as The Deer Hunter, Dirty Dancing, Mrs. Doubtfire, Conspiracy Theory and The Wanderers. As many as 200 artists have done cover versions of Frankie’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” from Nancy Wilson’s jazz treatment, to Andy Williams to Lauryn Hill’s hip-hop makeover.

He has influenced so many artists over the last five decades, including Billy Joel, Barry Gibb and Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.

Jersey Boys offers new lease of life

But who could imagine that the first 45 years would be only the beginning. No other pop star has ever received the kind of new lease on life that Jersey Boys has given Frankie Valli. In addition to the three current productions of Jersey Boys, plans have been laid to take the play to London, Las Vegas and Toronto for open-ended runs. And producers are clamouring to bring the musical to Australia, Singapore, China and even Dubai. Now there is even the Jersey Boys Movie!

We wish Frankie and the boys a fantastic and successful visit to the UK, and look forward to seeing him in Cardiff.

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